Learn to sing and write songs directly from ARIA Award winning and ARIA-nominated industry working professionals and get your original compositions reviewed by professional Music Producers.


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Singing and Songwriting

Industry Certificate in

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Passionate about becoming a professional singer and/or songwriter? Ever dreamed about your own compositions getting professionally arranged and recorded, your own music reaching an audience, or even performing it live yourself? The Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting is setting the stage for you to achieve your dreams – taking you through every aspect of making your mark as an artist, producer or industry professional.​

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Access Leading Record Labels

Designed to equip you with genuine music career development outcomes, students who take this course will be awarded a unique opportunity: to have one of your original compositions reviewed by a working producer from one of many leading Australian record labels.

Learn From ARIA Winners and Nominees

Let this be the launching pad for your next chapter as an artist and performer. You’ll learn alongside other passionate emerging artists and be guided by a dynamic, self-guided online course with over 14 hours of expert video, student forums and expert guidance to build industry success.

Fast Track Your Music Career, From Home!

Unlike other certificate or degree programs that cost thousands and take years to complete, the Industry Certificate is highly practical and aims to set you up for sustained success, quickly. The course recognises your originality and unique style and gives you the tools to amplify what makes you great. It’s suitable for emerging and accomplished artists with some experience (amateur and professional) in writing and performing music.

The Course Outline

‘Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting’ is a digital certificate endorsed by Industry partners: Music Victoria, Clique Records, Sing It Out Australia and Michael Stangel Management.

The course is 15 weeks in duration but you have up to 12 months to complete the course with self-paced learning.

100% online with Live masterclasses, videos, learning forums and live online vocal classes included with course.

Start anytime. When you’re ready!

  1. Vocals
  2. Analysing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Establishing Your Own Unique Brand and Sound (USP)
  4. Goal Setting and Vision Boards
  5. Performance Setlists (Brand Dependent)
  6. Basic Instrumental Training
  7. Importance of Music Theory
  8. Songwriting
  9. Writing Principles and Use of Language (Lyrics)
  10. Crafting Themes and Ideas
  11. Melody and Chords
  12. Designing and Writing for Yourself, With Others, and For Others
  13. Understanding Standard Industry Practices and Splits
  14. Effective Collaborations that Boost Your Profile
  15. Toplining vs Arrangement vs Production
  16. How to Get Paid from Songwriting and Understanding Publishing
  17. Recording Your Own Material and Presenting Ideas
  18. Recording Equipment and Software
  19. Studio Etiquette
  20. Improvisation
  21. Building Performance Sets for Events
  22. Marketing Yourself Effectively
  23. Crowdfunding
  24. Dealing with Booking Agents, Getting Paid Gigs
  25. Live Equipment: The Basics
  26. Dealing with Clients
  27. Social Media
  28. Accounting and Invoicing
  29. Example of Basic Strategy: What To Do Next?

This course also comes with 5 X FREE Online Vocal Classes with one of our leading expert vocal instructors (normally valued at $325).

  • Make your choice of $25, $50 or $100 p/week on any of our flexible interest-free payment plans.

  • APRA AMCOS members receive a 10% discount on the course, even on our interest-free payment plans.

  • Upfront payments receive an immediate 20% discount on the Advanced Certificate in Singing and Songwriting.

Get a 100% Money Back Guarantee within the first five days of enrolment.

What can you expect to learn?

By committing to this course you can expect to emerge thoroughly prepared and empowered to build your career as a singer/songwriter or related industry professional. The sky’s the limit with where this course can launch you. The topics encompass a broad range of unique teachings you won’t find elsewhere, like:

Establishing your unique brand and sound

Dealing with booking agents
and getting paid

Building performance sets

Writing principles, ideas
and themes

Effective collaboration
and co-writing

Improvisation and arrangement

Recording and studio etiquette

Getting paid as a songwriter and managing your accounts

Crowdfunding for a successful
first album release

Social media and promotion

And much more...

Career Outcomes

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