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Learning Online is easier than ever before, but who can you trust?

At Talent.College you are learning to sing and write songs directly from ARIA nominated, industry working professionals who live what they preach! Our range of courses will show you how to maximise your talents and get you performing! Fast track your music career as our expert teachers tutor you in professional singing, writing songs, performance & how to get paid from the music industry and much much more!

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Advanced Certificate in Singing and Songwriting

Learn how to maximise your natural talent and get performing in front of crowds with the Advanced Certificate. Fast track your music career quickly and affordably with the Advanced Certificate.

Industry Certificate in Singing
and Songwriting

Learn to sing and write songs directly from ARIA Award winning and ARIA-nominated industry working professionals and get your original compositions reviewed by professional Music Producers.

Industry Vocal
Intensive Course

This course has been produced to help YOU achieve your personal vocal goals; including science-backed techniques, empowering psychology, one-on-one mentorship and behind-the-scenes industry guidance.

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